Aerospace Fasteners

Palmetto Aero is capable of manufacturing a wide range of fasteners in the AN, MS, and NAS series.

AN Bolts

Line Card
AN3 - AN20 AN173 - AN186 AN42 - AN49 AN21-AN37 MS21075 MS21073
MS21069 MS21061 MS21059 MS21055 MS21053 MS21051
MS21049 MS21047 MS21042 MS20392 MS24694 NAS6203 - NAS6220
NAS6603-NAS6620 NAS464

Palmetto Aero is also aggressively pursuing the manufacture of OEM parts.

MS21042 'Style B'

Palmetto Aero is excited to be one of the first manufacturers of MS21042 Style B nuts. These nuts are widely used throughout the aerospace industry and have gained a reputation for failure due to hydrogen embrittlement. The revolutionary new shape of the style B design enables these nuts to meet the same mechanical properties while lowering HRC hardness requirements. The result is a light weight, low height, self locking hex flange nut that reduces the likelihood of failure due to hydrogen embrittlement.

MS21042 / NAS1291 Style B

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